Murphy's Law (theunicursalhex) wrote in esotericrant,
Murphy's Law

The long belated intro...


I just joined a lot of new groups and realised that I barely introduce myself to these things. Now is the time, so if you are in a lot of groups with me, you are going to get a lot of crossposts (please forgive and move on.) I am a 30 year old fun-loving Victoriana minded goth pagan type. I live in Southern California and can't stand the sun. I used to live in a very cold place and I think that was better for me.
I write for a living and also design clothing and jewelry. I play bass guitar and hope to rent studio space once I get some money saved. I tend to spend it like water. I enjoy dancing, cooking weird food, watching odd movies, listening to non-popular music and hiking in the shade.

I maintain four groups on LJ: darkpaganism, which is a place for open minded pagans to met up to talk about taboo subjects in the pagan world and it accepts all pagans, Santerians and Satanists in that lot, kaosflower, a female spirituality group not limited to paganism, but all faiths, stregheria, a Italian Witchcraft group and last but not least, my new group sadintellectual, an area for those that try to explain their obscure references to people and fall short, hence we are a sad lot, but in that misery, we find company! :)

I also have a few private journals, that can be read if you email me, one of poetry/writing and my magick journal.

I really enjoy LJ and have met many new people. Perhaps this posting will make me more (or enemies if you get this message a ton of times!) My heart goes out to the moderators that had the drive to create the groups I am in!
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