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Oh no! Not the GREY area!!!

Greetings to all! I am Lady Khaibit Etheric Shadow. I have been a practicing eclectic pagan for 15 years now. I have too many intrests to list, but to give you all a general idea of my nature here goes.... I am a walker of the Shadows, I do not see magick as good nor evil, black nor white, only as equal exsisting energy. I am NOT a tree hugging, salad eating, peace and loving hippie. Not to say that I don't enjoy peace or love, I just can not stand people who refuse to see the balance between it all. Can't have one without the other folks! I am not a fluffy-bunny light worker either!!!!!!!! Nor am I a doom and gloom dark-sider!!! I am a realist, as far as magick goes. I chose the grey path. Each go hand in hand. Until each side can learn to accept one another, I will be there to pour the salt on their freshly inflicted proverbeal ethereal wounds!!! Ahhhh! I love the smell of jilted one-siders in the eve!!


Balance first, take names later! Lady Khaibit

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