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What's wrong with that?

There have been a lot of discussions about war and paganism lately, thanks to Gee Dubya. The usual stance I've seen is that war is wrong, and Pagans and such should stand up against it. That's fine, I really don't care if that's your view. What really bothers me is when people ASSUME that's how we all think. People simply assume that paganism and magic are synonymous with tree-hugging, nature-loving, faerie-seeing, peace-loving hippies.

The most bitterly ironic part of it, though, is that most of the people holding this view launch into tirades about how Christians are wrong for seeing all pagans as evil or anti-Christian. Dammit, if you're going to yell at people for one set of ridiculous assumptions, don't make similar assumptions yourself.

While I still agree that a lot of humanity's wars are pointless, that doesn't mean that I'm against violence. Violence can be as beautiful and as natural as anything else. Lightning is violence, feral cats are violent, hell, even bugs are violent. Eating lettuce is taking the life of another being. As someone in the Pagan livejournal community pointed out - we don't take bacteria into the question, most of the time. I can't think of many things more violent than bacteria.

The Pagan/peace connection doesn't work in historical context, either. One word: Vikings. Not enough? Here's another: Celts.

The Celts didn't sit around drawing pretty knots and listening to Enya all day. I always chuckle when I see someone talking about how everyone should be loving and peaceful while being "Celtic." If you're so Celtic, where's your sword?

I'm not saying to go outside and whale on someone with a large axe, either. Everything has a time and a place, and I can't think of -too- many times at which that would be a good idea.

The word that's thrown around a lot without much consideration in the Pagan community is Balance. That's balance between ALL THINGS. The balance between Chesed and Gevurah. Too much destruction is debilitative, but equally, so is too much creation. Imagine what would happen if people were born, but people never died. Say goodbye to your bubble of personal space.

I've known Pagans and occultists who couldn't give a damn about "nature" and such. Just because they don't fit into the stereotypical mold of paganism doesn't mean that they aren't. Paganism, as far too many people forget, is simply an umbrella term that includes everyone but a few religions. Anyone who assumes that every pagan will fit into the nature 'n' peace folder are in for a rude awakening.

So. "Fight" against Dubya's war if you want, but don't expect me to join you on your little protest line any more than you expect me to be on the other side. I'm a peaceful guy, but that doesn't mean I won't fight for my cause if the need arises.
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