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Rant--with a twist

So, I lost my job today. I lost my job after only one week because my supervising attorney, with whom I came to this job, bought an advertisement for services in a Christian newspaper, because part of what we do is a service they need. Now, we are both pagans, and have no use for their religious beliefs, but we believe that tolerance is a two-way street and not giving what you expect to receive is not the way to arrive at that place.

Not so the owner of the company. He was incensed that we associated his hame with Pro-lifers and fired us on the spot.

What ever happened to liberalism being about protecting the rights of others? It seems to be only about protecting the rights of those with whom we agree, or whose views are not threatening to us. Isn't this precisely what liberalism fought against during the Civil Rights Movement? Was it really only about furthering the agenda of the Left and not about freedom?

I'm a pro-choice, bisexual, environmentalist witch. But every time I walk past the anti-abortion protesters at the Planned parenthood office around the corner, I smile and nod. They know that I think they are wrong, but that I would defend their right to peacefully be as wrong as they want. I can only hope that my small act of civility is teaching them something about tolerance. It's embarrassing to find that the people I consider to be in my camp are behaving so badly.
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