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Esoteric Bitch Session's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Esoteric Bitch Session

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Oh no! Not the GREY area!!! [11 Jan 2005|12:14am]

[ mood | indifferent ]

Greetings to all! I am Lady Khaibit Etheric Shadow. I have been a practicing eclectic pagan for 15 years now. I have too many intrests to list, but to give you all a general idea of my nature here goes.... I am a walker of the Shadows, I do not see magick as good nor evil, black nor white, only as equal exsisting energy. I am NOT a tree hugging, salad eating, peace and loving hippie. Not to say that I don't enjoy peace or love, I just can not stand people who refuse to see the balance between it all. Can't have one without the other folks! I am not a fluffy-bunny light worker either!!!!!!!! Nor am I a doom and gloom dark-sider!!! I am a realist, as far as magick goes. I chose the grey path. Each go hand in hand. Until each side can learn to accept one another, I will be there to pour the salt on their freshly inflicted proverbeal ethereal wounds!!! Ahhhh! I love the smell of jilted one-siders in the eve!!


Balance first, take names later! Lady Khaibit

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Greetings [02 Jul 2004|11:29am]

It's good to see "others". I'm a magician myself, and I'm also a part of the chaosmajik community. I am a beginning student of Thelema although I'm not sure I'm going to study it's elements alone. I have great interest in Enochian, Goetia (no, I'm not some foolish beginner who wants to conjure up Goetia for fun), Quabbalah, and much more. I have some experience in shamanism, chi, energy work, soul work, psionics/astral/psychic, and a few other things.

Currently I have only learned one ritual, and use it daily, at about the same 2 hour time window. And that ritual is the LBRP, of course. In time, I guess I'll be able to do the things that my teachers can, but I'd love to have some progress soon.
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Self-Intro' [01 Jul 2003|06:10pm]

I'd like to introduce myself to the community. (I'm intro'ing myself on many, so please excuse the redundancy if you're on any of the other groups I am.) I'm a 29-year-old Scorpio in Southern California, real into art, guitar, music, the O.T.O., poetry, Thelema and Qabalah. I'm especially interested in the Abramelin Operation, and would love to hear from anyone that's completed it, or otherwise attained K. & C. of the H.G.A. And to anyone with a Palm handheld that's studying Qabalah, I can offer some Palm software I developed to help you out. Take care!
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The long belated intro... [13 Jun 2003|02:42am]


I just joined a lot of new groups and realised that I barely introduce myself to these things. Now is the time, so if you are in a lot of groups with me, you are going to get a lot of crossposts (please forgive and move on.) I am a 30 year old fun-loving Victoriana minded goth pagan type. I live in Southern California and can't stand the sun. I used to live in a very cold place and I think that was better for me.
I write for a living and also design clothing and jewelry. I play bass guitar and hope to rent studio space once I get some money saved. I tend to spend it like water. I enjoy dancing, cooking weird food, watching odd movies, listening to non-popular music and hiking in the shade.

I maintain four groups on LJ: darkpaganism, which is a place for open minded pagans to met up to talk about taboo subjects in the pagan world and it accepts all pagans, Santerians and Satanists in that lot, kaosflower, a female spirituality group not limited to paganism, but all faiths, stregheria, a Italian Witchcraft group and last but not least, my new group sadintellectual, an area for those that try to explain their obscure references to people and fall short, hence we are a sad lot, but in that misery, we find company! :)

I also have a few private journals, that can be read if you email me, one of poetry/writing and my magick journal.

I really enjoy LJ and have met many new people. Perhaps this posting will make me more (or enemies if you get this message a ton of times!) My heart goes out to the moderators that had the drive to create the groups I am in!
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A must read for anyone who values freedom [16 May 2003|11:20am]

[ mood | distressed ]

Patriot Raid, by Jason Halperin

This is going way too far, and it's not an isolated incident.

Working on a campus that is still recovering from the acts of a nut, I think I have a pretty realistic view of the need for security and the risks when someone is determined to circumvent the best-laid plans.

And I can say with all sincerity, we can't keep being America if this intolerable crap continues. These attempts to make us safer are only making us captives. It's wrong-headed and dangerous.

I have no idea how to stop it. It's not a conservative or liberal issue. Every side of the political debate should be passionate about maintaining our freedom, and instead they all seem determined to undermine it.

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What's wrong with that? [15 Oct 2002|10:42am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

There have been a lot of discussions about war and paganism lately, thanks to Gee Dubya. The usual stance I've seen is that war is wrong, and Pagans and such should stand up against it. That's fine, I really don't care if that's your view. What really bothers me is when people ASSUME that's how we all think. People simply assume that paganism and magic are synonymous with tree-hugging, nature-loving, faerie-seeing, peace-loving hippies.

The most bitterly ironic part of it, though, is that most of the people holding this view launch into tirades about how Christians are wrong for seeing all pagans as evil or anti-Christian. Dammit, if you're going to yell at people for one set of ridiculous assumptions, don't make similar assumptions yourself.

While I still agree that a lot of humanity's wars are pointless, that doesn't mean that I'm against violence. Violence can be as beautiful and as natural as anything else. Lightning is violence, feral cats are violent, hell, even bugs are violent. Eating lettuce is taking the life of another being. As someone in the Pagan livejournal community pointed out - we don't take bacteria into the question, most of the time. I can't think of many things more violent than bacteria.

The Pagan/peace connection doesn't work in historical context, either. One word: Vikings. Not enough? Here's another: Celts.

The Celts didn't sit around drawing pretty knots and listening to Enya all day. I always chuckle when I see someone talking about how everyone should be loving and peaceful while being "Celtic." If you're so Celtic, where's your sword?

I'm not saying to go outside and whale on someone with a large axe, either. Everything has a time and a place, and I can't think of -too- many times at which that would be a good idea.

The word that's thrown around a lot without much consideration in the Pagan community is Balance. That's balance between ALL THINGS. The balance between Chesed and Gevurah. Too much destruction is debilitative, but equally, so is too much creation. Imagine what would happen if people were born, but people never died. Say goodbye to your bubble of personal space.

I've known Pagans and occultists who couldn't give a damn about "nature" and such. Just because they don't fit into the stereotypical mold of paganism doesn't mean that they aren't. Paganism, as far too many people forget, is simply an umbrella term that includes everyone but a few religions. Anyone who assumes that every pagan will fit into the nature 'n' peace folder are in for a rude awakening.

So. "Fight" against Dubya's war if you want, but don't expect me to join you on your little protest line any more than you expect me to be on the other side. I'm a peaceful guy, but that doesn't mean I won't fight for my cause if the need arises.

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Rant--with a twist [09 Oct 2002|09:30pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

So, I lost my job today. I lost my job after only one week because my supervising attorney, with whom I came to this job, bought an advertisement for services in a Christian newspaper, because part of what we do is a service they need. Now, we are both pagans, and have no use for their religious beliefs, but we believe that tolerance is a two-way street and not giving what you expect to receive is not the way to arrive at that place.

Not so the owner of the company. He was incensed that we associated his hame with Pro-lifers and fired us on the spot.

What ever happened to liberalism being about protecting the rights of others? It seems to be only about protecting the rights of those with whom we agree, or whose views are not threatening to us. Isn't this precisely what liberalism fought against during the Civil Rights Movement? Was it really only about furthering the agenda of the Left and not about freedom?

I'm a pro-choice, bisexual, environmentalist witch. But every time I walk past the anti-abortion protesters at the Planned parenthood office around the corner, I smile and nod. They know that I think they are wrong, but that I would defend their right to peacefully be as wrong as they want. I can only hope that my small act of civility is teaching them something about tolerance. It's embarrassing to find that the people I consider to be in my camp are behaving so badly.

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transfixation [07 Oct 2002|06:27pm]

they wrote: "time, space, and energy - a wizard's trinity."

Well, that about sums up much of what has plagued the magickal collective with ignorance and pseudoscientific novelties for a while now, eh? Tautology con-fused with alchemical symbolism.

Missing mass. How ecclesiastical. I've never attended mass, myself but, I hear it's great on the calf muscles; all that standing and sitting and standing.

Hmmm is this the cyber-commune heat-death scenario?

What a puppet for cross-referencing wouldn't do to meet the daemons who revealed the Zohar in it's entirety to those shroomed Jews. A waste of the modern mental capacity to adapt any keystroke pattern in the zombified multitudes connecting their heart rate through their mouse and indicating breath rhythms through fingertip response mechanisms imbedded in the shock pad.

Let's examine this in two disparate ways 1.) technology has sped seemingly everything up to the speed of light and this has left the overachiever in all of us with much less time to purchase adequate quantities of nootropics, space to fit all multimedia supplies, and energy to work to fee hir families drug habits. 2.) Time-Space and Energy-Mass are the most basic, fundamental byproducts of our dualized perception (i.e., we always qualify time and space as relative to movement, or "how far -- how fast." Energy and mass OTOH being how much can readily be accomplished with our given tools or technology). I digress.

In the dearly uttered words of the Rusky Rodent:
"I thought we covered this already...?"

It's funny how the sacred Abramelin system of meta-programming has stuck in the memepool for so long and so strong. Sticky shit. And, everything in the First World amerikulture being popularly translated thru Xianity does no service to anyone outside of the 140,000 some odd fundamentalists gawking at the sky and waiting for the rapture to snatch them from their armchair. Too many concepts have been drilled into our chromosomes for far too long for us to just wear black clothes and say "I'm an atheist" and be taken seriously. Nevertheless, if someone is publicly declaring adepthood they should never be taken seriously unless you have witnessed this person perform no less than three "accidental miracles" in your presence.

At the very least there should be some form of deprogramming utilized to banish unnecessary concepts from our psyche.

conversation 1 & 0

1: Does the concept of "hell" do anything positive for us?

0: Well, if we had a passion to hurt someone but couldn't for some reason (physical or legal) then we could take joy in the fact that they'll burn in hell, right?

1: Not very useful, I'd prefer bruising or cursing. But, how do you even know that _you_ aren't going to burn in hell by this same belief exchange?

0: Yeah, that's the tricky part. It's confusing, really. See in Xianity you're forgiven by JC for all earthly sins, so who actually goes to hell, y'know?

1: Uh-huh. Good point, I'm sure. Back to my original question, what benefits are there in the concepts of death, hell, and punishment? Besides scaring the life out of you so that you're a more obedient human. "The sun is the eye of god and he's watching you like in _The Truman Show_"

0: OK, so there are no benefits to these concepts, but if I'm not currently "holding" any belief in these concepts how can they even affect me?

1: What do they say "knowledge is power" and "ignorance is bliss"?

0: Who's "they"?

1: Who knows? The point is: information is a vital part of modern human life, the conscious mind "forgets" a lot of things. Think about how many phone numbers you've forgotten in your lifetime. But, supposedly, the memory remains in our head somewhere. Some memories get "burned" into our minds and resurface in dreams and psychosis. Other memories have become so distorted or vague that they resonate mostly as symbol associations. Our conscious mind could only translate these memory complexes as: many things at once or some multilayered crap like an archetype.

0: Oh psychiatrists scare me, anything "clinical" is creepy.

1: Maybe what I'm trying to say is be careful what you forget, let things forget you instead if your capable; otherwise seek all that you have forgotten and paint symbols with deep personality in them. They have sustained the poets and artists throughout all centuries and the whole of this Collective Forgotten Memories(tm) makes up the darkest regions of the Aether. The sub stratum. The subtle plane.

0: Dark?

1: Yes, like hidden or cloaked from sight (or sense).

0: knowledge is power and ignorance is bliss, huh?

1: Did I say that? I'm not sure if that was my point exactly...


Energy and Mass, in the Newtonian sense, are inseparable.

Supernatural, psychic, or magickal phenomena have been most accurately described as converting energy to mass.
In a human, this would mean raising a/the force and then emitting or releasing it in composite form.

I hear all the sub-humans caroling outside to me:

"So quickly we forget the long lost laws of three
That vertical breasted digit makes me feel so lucky
Warms me up wit a triple dose it's triplicate majesty
When I grow up, I know what I want to be...
I wanna be a 3... I wanna be your H.V.C.(tm)!"

Is it the triangle of Manifestation or the eye in the Triangle that deceives? If it were up to me to decide who gets what disease then what would be left for we who believes?
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... [07 Oct 2002|08:35am]

[ mood | awake ]

I got around to writing the community info... let me know if you have any suggestions.

Also, let me know if there are any interests you want added... I just put a short list up, and it'll be bigger later.

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ooooo [07 Oct 2002|07:36am]

[ mood | cranky ]

ooOOOoo. Me likes the idea of this community. If there is someone who might read my live journal that I want to rant about in a journal I'll do it here! Hurrah! Right now Im just gunna bitch about how Im dumb 'cause I left my english essay to the last minute and I so half assed it and I'm not gunna do very well... ugh.

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[07 Oct 2002|04:54pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

I guess im the 2nd person to leave a post. nothin to bitch about right now, but i must say driving school sucks ass. My names jade, im 16, live in japan. About it.

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Hey. [07 Oct 2002|12:14am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello everyone... this first post isn't going to be much... just to let you know that this place is running... :P Go at it. Have fun. I'll bitch about something soon.

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